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annalee Setting the stage for an 11-year-old’s success Annalee started coming to the Youth for Christ Literacy Centre in Brandon, Manitoba, 3 years ago. Now she is in grade 7.Annalee says, “I came because the school thought it would be a good idea to come to the Literacy Centre because I had a hard time reading and everything. My grandmother has a bad time talking and writing and everything because she had to quit school early. So she tried her best to raise me to pronounce everything right.So when I came here I became a better reader by 2 years, so right now I’m in grade 7 but I made it up to a grade 9 level. So they are all happy with me. I can read now very well and I’m addicted to it. It helped with my pronunciation mostly.I remember I had to be excused from class a lot because my pronunciation was terrible. So like I said, the worst thing ever was that no one understood a word ... Read More...
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Reaching young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other likeminded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who are characterised by godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the word of God and prayer, boldness in evangelism and commitment to social involvement.

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In Seychelles

743 people have become followers of Jesus, 24 new ministry programs have been pioneered, and 392 African leaders have been trained in different types of ministry. »


In Haiti

Pastors and church leaders are being trained, and needy children are being fed and given an education. »


In Korea

Youth for Christ has started a brand new ministry among students at Seongmoon High School in Anyang City, just outside Seoul in Gyeonngi Province. »


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Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY. Youth for Christ is a movement of God, not just an institution or organisation. For the past seven decades, the Holy Spirit has motivated, led, and empowered men and women to take the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young people in every corner of the world. This is that story. »

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Because of the support of people like you, last year over four million teenagers heard the Good News – that Jesus loves them – in their own language! »

Global Ministry Overview 2013-14


The eternal value of reaching young people for Christ cannot be measured; however, these figures allow us to celebrate what God is doing around the world because of you and the men and women of Youth for Christ. »

Radically Transformed

Sharing Christ with cattle herders

Bobo is a new creation with a new mission and it takes Bobo through Botswana and surrounding nations, sharing the gospel with people who have never heard it. »

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Hear from 6 staff from around the world share what they love about working with Youth for Christ, and learn why you, too, should consider joining our international movement. »



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