Geordon and Marilyn Rendle


Canadian Donors onlyGeordon Rendle is the International President of Youth for Christ. Youth for Christ is an interdenominational, Christian-based youth movement that operates in 140 nations worldwide, with the ultimate goal of reaching young people for Christ.  Geordon and his wife, Marilyn, are Canadians who have served together on behalf of this mission in many different countries over the past 20 years.

Geordon and MarilynGeordon was raised in Colombia, South America. After completing high school in Bogotá and a BA in Criminology in Vancouver (SFU), Geordon worked as an officer with the Saanich Police for seven years. Marilyn was raised in Victoria, Canada and has an extensive musical background (diploma in piano teaching, Victoria Conservatory). She directed the Youth for Christ choir and was the accompanist for the Greater Victoria Police Chorus. In 1995, Geordon & Marilyn moved overseas with Youth for Christ. In 2005, Geordon completed a Masters in Leadership and Training (RRU) with an emphasis on NGO governance. In 2011, Marilyn completed a Masters in Leadership (RRU) with an emphasis on glocal engagement.

As co-preneurs, Geordon and Marilyn pioneered Youth for Christ in Venezuela and Argentina, recruiting indigenous staff and board members and assisting in the growth of ministry to youth in these nations. Then as Americas Area Director they led a multi-national virtual team from eight different countries, serving 32 nations in the Americas with over 15,000 staff and volunteers. Through their ministry they have been able to mobilise indigenous leaders, particularly young people – engaging, empowering and equipping them – to bring hope to this generation. In 2011 over 800,000 teenagers participated in Youth for Christ ministries in the Americas. Marilyn continues to serve with the Americas Area Leadership Team.

In both Caracas and Buenos Aires, the Rendles hosted a weekly TCK (Third Culture Kid) youth group to offer a safe place for multi-national background students to gather and to raise awareness of their place and potential in the world. They also hosted teams from different nations to help in local humanitarian and service projects.

The RendlesThe Rendles have been married for 27 years and have four beautiful children between the ages of 10 and 20 (Jordan, Joshua, Jolyn & Joy). Geordon is an avid mountaineer, having summitted Aconcagua in January, 2010. He is also a keen triathlete, having completed various Ironman races. Meanwhile, Marilyn keeps the family on track with all their activities.

Because of their faithfulness to Christ and dedication to the ministry to which they have been called, God continues to smile upon them. Their desire is that Youth for Christ would continue to be a ministry that is, “Geared to the times and anchored to the Rock”.

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