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Denver Area Celebrating A Remarkable Year

The Denver Area has matched 300 mentors with youth longing for Christ, a milestone 10 years in the making. »

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Stories From Camp (USA)

Dave Rahn shares two stories from Southwind Camp, highlighting God’s love, manifesting itself by splitting a storm in half, and drawing a young man to himself who has become a new follower of Jesus. »

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A student at a Youth for Christ Campus Life club shares what Campus Life has meant to him and how Jesus and his Youth for Christ staff have helped him through some recent trials. »

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What Are You Thankful For?

All of us have a tendency to take for granted the small things in life. We focus on the things we want instead of the incredible ways that God has blessed us… »

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A troubled teen has a divine appointment with a Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Director and goes on to play football for Florida State University and the Tennessee Titans. »

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“More” Conference Challenges USA Staff

USA staff conference celebrates the past and looks forward to a bright future of “More” – more dreams, more students coming to know Jesus, and more renewal of passion. »

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Hispanic Teen Asks To Meet Jesus in Jail

A young prisoner is delighted to meet a Youth for Christ volunteer who speaks his language. »

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YouthCompass Seeks Staff to Minister to Third Culture Kids

Help Youth Compass engage cross-cultural teens in a dialogue on faith in a foreign country without learning a new language. »

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Project Serve: Rwanda

Nine students and three leaders from Chicago go on the journey of their lives to Kigali, Rwanda. »

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An angry and lonely young man turned off by Christian hypocrites comes to know Jesus as “the Saviour I don’t deserve and the friend I always wanted.” »

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