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  • A Great "Beginning" in Poland A conference called "Beginning" gathered nearly 600 young people from a new young generation ever so hungry for a true and deep relationship with Christ. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Reaching Kids in Romania Staff are reaching Roma (gypsy) young people, introducing them to the hope of Jesus, rescuing many from the perils of street begging and prostitution. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Hope Anew for Graduates of Crisis Pregnancy Rehab Program in Kenya A class of 30 young women recently graduated from a Crisis Pregnancy Rehab program, after learning skills in tailoring, making jewelry, liquid soap, woolen mats and more. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Much to Celebrate in Ukraine's Day Center Ministry Day Center students are celebrating graduations, a special anniversary, and growth while former students give back as volunteers. (Youth for Christ International)

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