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  • Radically Transformed Bobo was now a new creation with a new mission. He felt led to spread the Gospel and that God would use him to revive hearts for Jesus in a country filled with nominal Christians. A volunteer for Youth for Christ, Bobo is living out Romans 1:16. It started with his sister who was not afraid to share God’s truth. His journey of faith now takes Bobo through Botswana and surrounding nations, sharing the gospel with people who have never heard it. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Conversational Life Including Jesus in what we're already talking about can, predictably, change the tone of the conversation. Inviting His full participation in meetings with agendas will sometimes alter what gets talked about and other times lead to problem-solving that's way too easy. (Training and Leadership Development)
  • Slovakia's Camp Fest Ministers to Thousands Around 6500 young people have attended the well-known music festival called Campfest in Slovakia. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Ana Youth for Christ has the privilege of providing training and resources to equip a young lady who hears God's call to go to the youth of Macedonia. (Youth for Christ International)

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