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Recent Stories...

  • Chapel Programs and More at Zahle Evangelical School Open doors for Youth for Christ are helping staff to run outreach programs for young Syrian refugees. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Peacemaking Ministry Takes on a Life of Its Own A peace-making and non-violent communications ministry of Youth for Christ in Croatia has outgrown its symbiotic relationship with Youth for Christ and has become its own separately registered organization. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Ministry Can Be Messy Youth workers often have to deal with messy situations with the young people to whom they minister - things like suicidal tendencies, sexual abuse victims, quarrelling friends, and young people facing extreme losses. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Sam A student at a Youth for Christ Campus Life club shares what Campus Life has meant to him and how Jesus and his Youth for Christ staff have helped him through some recent trials. (Youth for Christ International)

Recently Updated Sites...

  • EPray Global An exchange of prayer requests and praise reports sent via email from our YFC staff and young people around the world. (Mar. 30. 2015.)
  • Youth for Christ International Reaching Young People Everywhere (Mar. 30. 2015.)
  • Vietnam Serving Young People in Vietnam (Mar. 25. 2015.)
  • Training and Leadership Development An Initiative for Youth for Christ Staff and Volunteers (Mar. 19. 2015.)
  • Samoa Reaching young people in Samoa (Feb. 25. 2015.)