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  • Looking to Get Involved? Find out how you can get involved with Youth for Christ. Learn more about short term and long term serving opportunities, as well as employment opportunities. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Forward - a ministry newsletter of YFC Philippines A young leader attends Canada's Summer Institute, KPOP concert reaches 5000, George's story illustrates the reward of faithfulness, and more. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Venu Venu's life had been haunted by the fear of witchcraft which led him to end up on the streets of Hyderabad. Your support ensures that YFC staff around the world are trained and resourced so they can reach the Venu’s of this world with the life changing message of Christ. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Solitude For Jesus, solitude and action, care and cure are interconnected. Jesus, in solitude with his father, knew his days would be long and draining... (Training and Leadership Development)

Recently Updated Sites...

  • Youth for Christ International Reaching Young People Everywhere (Aug. 22. 2014.)
  • General Assembly Information and Registration site for Youth for Christ's General Assembly. (Aug. 22. 2014.)
  • EPray Global An exchange of prayer requests and praise reports sent via email from our YFC staff and young people around the world. (Aug. 20. 2014.)
  • Czech Republic Reaching Young People in the Czech Republic (Aug. 20. 2014.)
  • New Zealand Reaching Young People in New Zealand (Jul. 29. 2014.)