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Recent Stories...

  • "Great Days" at Camp in India Close to 350 young people visited the Word and Deed campus in Hyderabad for "The Great Day" camp, based on the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Youth for Christ International)
  • In Africa Praise be to the Lord for this African context in which to best set the stage for this next season of global youth impact. (Youth for Christ International)
  • School of Life Expanding in Bolivia Youth for Christ's "School of Life" ministry is expanding through the provinces of La Paz, ministering to approximately 265 students. (Youth for Christ International)
  • Colour Wars in Dubai Football and volleyball with an eight foot ball, capture the shoe, tug of war, colour water bombs and great music under the incredible Dubai skyline. (Youth for Christ International)

Recently Updated Sites...

  • EPray Global An exchange of prayer requests and praise reports sent via email from our YFC staff and young people around the world. (Jul. 26. 2016.)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Reaching Young People in Trinidad and Tobago (Jul. 26. 2016.)
  • Swaziland Reaching young people in Swaziland (Jul. 26. 2016.)
  • Tanzania Reaching young people in Tanzania (Jul. 26. 2016.)
  • Asia Pacific Reaching Young People in the Asia Pacific Region (Jul. 26. 2016.)